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 Introducing our new Operations Manager

Chett Homack

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Black Sheep Pilot 

A special day when WW2 Original Blacksheep pilot was recognized at the Naval Museum, we all went to support and cheer for our special man.

 Visiting you Family Day

​Where is Albert?

Albert Sousa IV 

 Visiting You Sr HomeCare  will miss Albert's skills as he moves on to Charlotte, NC.  A new chapter in his life.  He has helped us the last 2 years.  

Harry C. Johnson has a plane with his name, Skinny on a Corsair at the Naval Museum.  Signing autographs.  With a companion, Harry was able to continue going to his events with our caregiver Judy, and had a great quality of life. We were honored to have him part of our family.  We all visited when we can, including our sons. He always has something to share with them.