Kevin Macgillivray
April 2018

from Google reviews
Melinda, herself, is an empathetic care giver and gifted person. We met her soon after my mom's cancer diagnosis; we knew my mom would eventually need help. Melinda won over my mom instantly - her instincts and personality were perfect. Melinda is experienced, too - quite knowledgeable about all the facets of senior help and the entire community. Later, once my mom needed considerable (ultimately round-the-clock) companionship and assistance, Melinda's staff really stepped up. She recruits and hires many excellent people, and is understanding of how best to match up the client's needs with the care givers' abilities. It is always a very personal touch. Near the end, when my mom was in the emergency room or hospital, Melinda's team were with her. This continued once my mom entered in-home hospice care. Melinda's staff - even Melinda herself when necessary - stayed with her at all times. They complemented the medical and nursing care, and assured we had direct contact, information, and communication. My mom felt their presence; the confidence, comfort, and respect that brings at the end of one's life is the gift. That we found Melinda and her team is a blessing.

Kind Words from Clients and Family...

Over the years, we have been able to help our clients in many ways.  Those alone in home, newly widowed, and for light housekeeping.